Monday, April 15, 2013

Dublin at Night: A Taste of 2013

So.... *Cough* was everybody's new years?

And yes, I know it's the middle of April...

I had a very quiet new years evening, I was going to stay at home and be miserable (I was a bit down) but David asked me what I was up to and we decided to go and look at the fireworks. We made our way to St. Stephen's Green but as the road we were following had been cut off due to some concert which would be held later on in the evening, we had to make a big detour and wound up missing the fireworks. The evening turned into a photowalk instead.

This is a longer than usual post so get your scrolling finger ready!

This is the only "exciting" shot of the fireworks I was able to get.

Oh how Christmasy my feet looked. Fa la la la la....

Dublin looks pretty dolled up in lights, doesn't it? (She? He doesn't sound right though.)


  1. Yaay, you're back! :) It's so nice seeing some Dublin and hear how you are. It's been so long since ive been there :(

  2. How you keeping beautiful?