Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Change in the Air, but not the Brass Kind

All I will say is the following:


More to follow shortly!

Bribed Attendance

I haven't been a full year in my current job yet, but with Christmas around the corner I assumed there would be an office Christmas party. Indeed, somebody was appointed to walk around among us workers and count our votes for which of the presented options we saw best fit for our Christmas Extravaganza. I carefully considered all three options and picked a venue, as did everybody else. I was a little bit surprised when over the next few days I was not prompted once, but to twice yet again cast my vote. It appeared that not many people seemed too keen on the whole idea and they were trying to get people to get engaged and get a higher attendance. 

The end result? They encouraged (read: bribed) people to attend by deciding on a shared meal in a restaurant for which you would be able to get off work a few hours early to attend. It's always great to be able to get off work a little bit early but I have to admit that it didn't quite feel like a Christmas party.

I should perhaps not complain. My company did treat me to a yummy meal. Food!!

We had a small ceremony where trophies were handed out for different achievements. Earlier in the day our manager had called our department over for a small meeting as he had to announce that we would not be getting any trophies as our work was calculated in a different manner which would be more difficult to rate. It resulted in us not paying too close attention to the ceremony. We did hear a bit of clapping in the background as we were engaged in conversation.

It was a very relaxed evening and I was in a good mood when I made my way home. The fussy, warm vibe to my evening unfortunately came to an abrupt halt as I found myself in front of my house without keys. It took me an hour to get back out to the office to retrieve my forgotten keys and back home. It made sinking into the bed so much more rewarding. The rest of the weekend would be utterly enjoyed!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Santa's Identity? Secret

We had Secret Santa a few days before the office would close for Christmas. We had all been advised to draw a note with a scribbled name onto it from a hat and given a deadline by when the present would have to be placed underneath the Christmas tree we had in our office. 

The days passed and we came closer and closer to the deadline. There were only a few measly presents under the tree. It seemed that we were all procrastinating and saving our present shopping for the last minute as an abundance of presents appeared underneath the tree on the day of the present opening. I have to admit I was guilty of shopping for the my Secret Santa present the day before and wrapping it the next morning before hauling my gift to work.

I have to admit that the sight of presents under the tree doesn't look quite so impressive here, but I do believe this picture was taken after a good number of presents had been opened. 

My present is the first red, smaller, present in the front. Whoever my Secret Santa was bought me fluffy red/white socks and a set of face wash/lotions. I was a little bit worried I would get something like the face wash-set I got simply because it's a very easy gift to buy for a girl but unfortunately I wouldn't find much use for it. I'm not big on lotions and potions that go on different parts of your body. My beauty routine is rather simple: Shower. It's the thought that counts though, so thank you Secret Santa. I can also say that I was genuinely happy for my fluffy socks. I'm wearing one pair as I type this!

At the end of the frenzied gift opening we were all ushered into somebody's office as we were told there was a present waiting for us. It was a present from the company and I got very giddy and excited to see that the company wanted to give me wine (a choice of red and white, I of course picked red) and a box of chocolate. Wine and chocolate? YAY!! (Easily excited, me?)