Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sunday but no Adventure

I was supposed to go on a mini adventure this Sunday and head out and take some pictures of whichever unexplored part of Ireland my friend I would agree on. I suggested Howth to her, but instead of "YAY, perfect, let's go!" I received a textmessage saying she was not feeling well and we would have to cancel our adventure. 

Ah. Well. I guess it's an excuse to post the below photographs of Laytown which I took ages and ages ago. There will be a slightly awkward handover period where I will try to post all the wonderful pictures I took while with John that I never got around to sharing. I'm sure I will immensely confuse people who do not read my blog on a regular basis by making my breakup manifesto blend in with all the wedding, weekend trip and other posts of what John and I got up to. It cannot be helped, I've got me some damn fine pictures and I need to share them.

For instance, the below. Pretty, non? I actually ventured into the ocean on this trip. In September! Decked out in my black polka dotted 50's slightly high-waisted bikini bottoms and halterneck top I waded out into the water. I was very excited to get to dip myself in water, but even though I spend five minutes wading out further and further, I was not able to get into water that was deeper than up to my knees. Stupid tide! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The End

I was full of giddy excitement over the sunshine in my last posting of May. Two days later I did something which I didn't think I would do: I started sobbing my heart out in work.

I felt tears welling up in the corners of my eyes and did the expected runner for the privacy of the bathroom stalls. I had meant to calm down enough to return to my work but instead my sobs became harder as I tried to soundlessly cry into the tissues I was clutching into my red face.

After a considerable amount of time I made my way to my team leader's desk and quietly, with a bowed down head, asked if I could talk to him. Once we were in the conference room I started crying again as I just couldn't help myself and my team leader looked at me in stunned silence. 

When you start crying at work and have to leave early it's usually a sign that things aren't going too well in your relationship.

It's a painful decision to make when you realize that you have to break up with somebody that you still love. It's just that tad bit more difficult when you make this realization two days before your birthday. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rose Bushes and Rusty Bathtubs

I've been absent for a little (no particular ironic emphasize on "little" at all...) while...

While it's currently too late(night owl that I am) to get into all the details on why I've been gone for so long this time around I want to share these images before I retire to bed. 

Consider it as a peace offering for having have been such a bad blogger the last few months!

Have to love the bathtub/flower pot, right?