Monday, May 21, 2012

No More Rain, No More Tears

Today I was given some good news! A colleague of mine told me that Dublin will have wonderful weather for most of the week, with temperatures apparently soaring up to about 23 degrees Celsius or so. I ventured outside for a quick walk on my lunch break and I could see that what my colleague had told me was true for at least today: I was walking slowly, with a big grin on my face as it was turned up towards the sun. I'm desperately hoping that not only will the sun continue to warm us Dubliners throughout the week but also into the weekend: It's my birthday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

25 Days of Panic

I have to admit that I like moving. Maybe not so much the moving part, as packing, organizing, cleaning, loading, unloading and unpacking tends to be very straining and certainly very time consuming, but more so the part where I get to find a new place to conquer. A clean, bright and cozy space I get to turn into my own by spreading my stuff all over it. A change of scenery, something new, something to get used to. A new bed to sleep in, a new room to wake up in and a new smell that greets you when you open the front door (as in, every house has it's own smell). 

While I should be excited about the thought of moving again, I'm slightly panicked about now having only 25 days to secure a new home. While my current room is lovely (the pictures show a bare, almost clinical room, as they were taken on the night I moved in when only parts of my belongings had found their way into my room, not yet being able to add any real feel to it) I don't like the living room or kitchen. Both make me feel as if I'm in a dimly lit bomb shelter. I hardly stay in my place as I tend to spend most of my time at John's place, where the shared living areas don't make me feel claustrophobic. 

The thought of not finding anywhere to move worries me even though I have a little over three weeks left to continue my search for the perfect room to rent. I have a number of criteria that the room needs to fill: It is a matter of size, location, price and adequate amount of storage. I hope I find something soon so I can calm down and strop stressing about it. I have only look at four places so far, but it feels as if I've viewed triple the actual amount. Keep your fingers crossed I'll find something, quick!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Thing I Bought This Year so Far

Look at what I bought the other week! Is it not the tiniest, cutest, daintiest little thing ever? It's a tiny USB memory in the shape of a Canon camera. Be still my fast beating heart. At 8GB it's both adorable and practical.

Sun, Never Leave Me

Unlike last weekend, this one was a quiet one. I slept too much (that's the downside of neglecting yourself of sleep during the week, being a night-owl and having a boyfriend who works nights), read a number of pages in the brick of a book I'm currently delved into, went to the cinema and saw a horror movie. 

I'm not good with horrors, they scare me, but I'm too curious to be able to not try and watch one now and again. This was the first time I've been brave enough to watch one in the cinema. I don't see why anyone would find it a good idea to cram oneself into constrained seats in a dark room and watch something that will freak one out. Seems like a great way to panic if you ask me. 

I also sunbathed for an amazing 20 minutes or so! Sunshine!! GASP! It was wonderful; I brought out a blanket and submerged in a pile of fluffy pillows and with a pair of sunglasses unfamiliarly positioned on the bridge of my nose I pretended I was on a Portuguese beach. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sinful Night

I was invited out again on Saturday night and instead of groaning due to laziness and simply staying in bed, sending disappointing declining text messages, I got dolled up all over again and went out to Anni's place. Most of the people I had met the previous night had gathered in her apartment and cider sipping and interesting conversation ensued. It was already after eleven when we noticed just how late it had become and rushed out the door. We went to a place called Sin (hence the title, the night was not particularly sinful, unless you count dancing as a sin) and found ourselves flailing our arms and legs in an equally satisfying way as during the previous night of dancing. This night, however, I went home a bit earlier and left the others to keep the fire going. 

What I wore. A full and fluffy white lace dress and a cropped floral cardigan. Unfortunately I got some of the ink in the stamp I received on my hand upon entry into the club on the front of the dress when I was dancing. I still haven't tried to remove it. Crap. I hope I didn't destroy the dress, I'm quite fond of it as I feel like a princess in it. 

Hockey Dancing Night

I defied my of late unsocial ways last weekend and socialized with others than my boyfriend. I was invited to tag along to watch the hockey games that would be held between a number of countries (Finland being one of them, GO FINLAND GO!!) and while John had asked me to come to Wexford with him to the confirmation of one of his cousins I for once decided to decline my girlfriend duties and not go with him.

After some initial confusion regarding the location of the bar, I met up with Sini and Anni in The Livingroom (it doesn't pay tribute to livingrooms by resembling one so I'd like to hear their philosophy behind the name) on Friday. I have to admit that while the official excuse for going out was to watch the hockey game, I only saw about 2 minutes of actual sportsmanship during the whole night as I arrived a little bit too late to catch the for us main game of interest (Finnish match, I think we won) and it had also become a bit too cold to sit outside by the large screens, so we all headed back inside. 

I had a few drinks and spoke to a few people I had never met before and had some really interesting conversations. It was really nice to go out after not having had done anything in a really long time. If pressed for when the last time I went out was, I wouldn't be able to say. The end of the night was spent in a different location (The Livingroom had a very early last call, I don't know about yours but my livingroom is open all night) with me channeling my excitement in wild, uncontrolled dancing. Fabulous time! To imagine I hadn't been sure whether to accept the invite, due to my passionate hate for televised sporting events!

The pictures are of Sini and Toni (snazzzzy posing).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waking up with Makeup

One of my bad habits is that I tend to go to bed with my makeup still on. Sometimes I wake up and it's still layered on perfectly so I touch up in a few strokes and I'm ready to go. I'd be curious to know whether I'm the only one who has done this. I'm sure some people would be appalled to hear of this bad habit. What probably make things a bit easier is the fact that I only apply makeup to my eyes and don't use the likes of foundation, powder and whatever else you can cake onto your face. While I don't always wake up looking the exact same way as I did when I went to bed, the degree to which my eye makeup may have smudged tends to vary. 

Yesterday I ordered a pizza and was as far as the door, opening it, when I realised I hadn't looked myself in the mirror yet and might give the delivery man a startle. He wasn't able to take the note I offered him as he didn't have any change, so as I rushed up to my room to check whether I had anything smaller to give him I had a quick peep in the mirror and was thankful to see I didn't look like a complete mess. Phew. I was also sporting major bed hair but as it turned out it was just the right amount of tousled and I felt rather sexy as I rushed down with a handful of coins. 

Bed hair and the-morning-after-makeup is a bit like getting drenched in the rain. In your mind it looks carefree and sexy (as seen in movies) and you act a notch more confident... until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in something. The horror! It's only on rare, unexpected occasions you're actually carrying it off successfully.