Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A long Wait is Sometimes worth it

Remember how I said a lot of my pictures were corrupted? Me stating I didn't know how I would be able to carry on without them? The dread and the despair?

Well... in a dramatic yet welcome turn of events, the pictures are now all working. The solution? There was none. They just started working again. I don't know and I might not care what happened: I'm thrilled!

Speaking of long waits: I will be seeing my boyfriend on Friday after not seeing him for nearly two weeks. YAY!!

I like Mint Green and I like Mint Ice Cream

I should be getting stuff packed for tomorrow, as I'll be moving in to my new place tomorrow. I'll only be able to bring some of my things with me and will have to wait until the weekend before I can get all of it moved over, so I need to make sure I bring essentials.

I'm facing a huge dilemma though: to buy or to not buy ice cream?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who said it was all that Fun to be a Backpacker anyways?

In my previous post I mentioned that I have been homeless for the past month.

While I haven't been left to helplessly fend for myself on the streets, I have not had a place which I could call my home and for the past month I have been staying in spare rooms and living out of suitcases.

I had been living in a place for a few months but felt uncomfortable and as if I was not wanted in the house, so I decided it was time to pack up my things and leave.

At the moment you will find all of my belongings scattered in the homes of three other people and I'm quite certain it will prove to be quite a challenge to locate a clean pair of underwear in the morning. I'm not even pretending to put effort into what I put on, as I have no idea where anything is anyways. This means that I have reverted to wearing pants *gasp*. I tend to only wear dresses and skirts, so for me to be seen in pants is a strange experience, which I also am constantly being told at work.

Thursday will see me being able to move into my new place and I couldn't be more excited!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Say whaaaat?!

It's nearing to the end of the month and into the beginning of the next. I'm quite excited as I have been homeless for a month and cannot wait to get my own square feet to claim (rented) ownership of.

Curious? Well. I'm tired.

I'll share tomorrow.

The pictures were taken this weekend.

It's not Dawn yet, but it's getting there

I find that novels may sometimes romanticize depression: handsome men and beautiful women battling with dramatical turn of events, most often resulting in somebody dramatically flinging a hand to their head in despair. 

I would like to state that it is less intriguing when occurring outside a fictional realm. In reality bouts of depression involve turning into a hopelessly negative introvert with a pinch of puffy eyes to go along with it. 

I have been such a hopelessly negative mess for the last few weeks and have only found my moods lifting lately. It may come as a surprise - and I feel I shouldn't get into too great detail, after all, it isn't very interesting - but I have been battling with depression for a few years now. It tends to come and go and while in my low moods I find it difficult to concentrate and spend time on such things as this blog. I am drained of all my energy. 

The worst of it seems to have passed for now and I am looking forward to feeling a bit more like myself. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mirrored Pieces and a Girl in an Urban Environment

One of the main reasons for my absence is my external hard drive corrupting most of the pictures I have taken the last few months. Karl has been kind enough to try and restore them but has not had any luck yet. He's been at it for a few weeks and I have been waiting (like a nervous wreck) to see if he will be able to perform some miracle with any of the restoration programs he has been using. I know I might never get them back but I am holding on to a small piece of hope that I will...

It's only pictures...but I'm grieving them as lost friends. A lot of wonderful images have been lost, and it means among other things that I'm unfortunately not able to bring you on the promised tour of the huge house I was living in before, as I had promised. Sorry!

I have a number of pictures that I never wound up using, uploaded to the image gallery for my blog. (If only I would have done this with all of my pictures.) These ones, for instance, are from when I went to celebrate Anni turning another year wiser.

Shadows can get very Frightening, Especially during the Night

I know I must make a terribly frustrating blog to follow as of lately I have been keeping myself hidden away in dark, lurking shadows, only to make sporadic appearances, raising hope of a permanent return but instead retiring into the shadows again. 

I haven't lost any of my enthusiasm over taking and sharing pictures and putting together small (hopefully enjoyable) pieces of text. I actually find myself thinking of my blog on a daily basis. There has unfortunately been a few things that have required me to focus all of my energy elsewhere though.