Friday, July 8, 2011

Such a Little Thing

Isn't it funny how something very small can make you feel nostalgic? The other day I found this larva on the lawn and I was instantly catapulted back into the summers of my youth. We had a shed that had a lot of stinging nettles growing behind it and there used to be lots and lots of these stuck to the nettles. Me and my brothers would pick them up and look at them, and they would do exactly what they did when I found this little one: roll into a ball. I haven't seen one of these for years!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Can I Move and When Can I see My Friends Again?

It is only a few days until payday and I hope to be able to move into a new place during next weekend. I haven't been able to go and view any places yet, as money has been very tight at the end of this month, so I am slightly scared of not being able to find anything nice quickly enough.

Right now it feels as there are a lot of loose ends surrounding the move: I'm not able to view any places yet, so I don't know if the places I may be interested in will still be available when I can, it is too early to start packing any of my stuff, but then again I have so much packing to do that I don't know when I should start packing. Ah!

What keeps me not going crazy is the idea of being able to see my friends a lot more frequently and without the hassle of a 45 minute bus journey into the town in order to do so.

These pictures are from when I went to see Pilvi in town not too long ago and we went to a Tea Garden (more like a neon carpeted dungeon). I generally am not into tea at all, but the fruity variety we ordered - called Grandmother's Garden - was incredibly tasty!