Monday, January 31, 2011


I hate February. Why? Because the longer into the second month of the year we move, the more inappropriate it is considered to leave your Christmas decorations up. I hate to see the holiday go...

That is why I have a bag of Christmas chocolates (you know, the kind that resemble Christmas baubles, that you can hang into your tree) in the far back of my cupboards, that I am desperately clinging on to. 

I keep reaching for a piece of bauble chocolate, but my hand pauses and quickly pulls back: I can't destroy Christmas! I have to wait! I have to take pictures of the Santa Clause chocolate statue on adventures!

Tonight I caved in and had an orange miniature Santa with my Baileys and milk! I prefer my Baileys + Milk combination in a 20/80 ratio as I find Baileys to be a tad strong on its own. 

What do you think of Baileys?

Mondays are Great for Channeling Pippi Longstocking

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't Shooooowt Me!!

Sometimes I get down, as we all do from time to time. I can especially feel a bit sad when I think about how I'm not sure what I want to do with my life. I have a miracle cure that always helps me whenever I feel sad like this:

Our three cats, especially Scallywag. Is she simply not the cutest little thing in the whole wide world? I mean, truly??

As you can see from the picture, Scallywag was blessed with extra "toes", and has two extra "toes" on her front paws and one extra on her back paws. The same goes for her sister Ripsi (ok, ok... we only recently found out they are males, but I am continuing in calling them as they were females, it just feels right). It makes them a lot more adorable, as it looks as if they are wearing mittens when they walk.

Come on, let's all join in:


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stuck in a Rut: Perm or Change of Colour?

My roots are starting to slightly show and it's time for me to start thinking about colouring it again. I'm not quite sure what to do though. I feel as if I'd like to try something new with my hair, but I'm quite happy with the length and don't think I want to cut it. I think I hide behind my hair and I would feel insecure and naked without my "mane". 

I have thought about perming it, like this or this, but it's supposedly very bad for your hair and as I have rather thin hair I'm not sure whether it would turn my hair into straw (i.e lifeless and brittle) or not. 

I have been dying it black for quite a while now and only ventured into colouring it red once. My hair was too dark for the end result to look good as only my roots looked the shade of red I wanted, and for it to look good I would have to bleach it first. I have been thinking about dying it chocolate brown but I think that my base colour would still be too dark, after all my black dyes. 

I haven't gone to the hairdressers for.... 10 years? I cut my own bangs and try to cut split ends as well. It's really coward of me, and a bit boring, but I think that in the end I will just go with continuing to colour it black...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Embrace the Weekend

The weekend is finally here!!! 

Let me share some weekend pictures with you:

I have been wearing a blue bow in my hair today. 

I have tried to resist the temptation, but have succumbed to the temptation and have bid, won and received a few items from eBay: WHEEEEE!!! 

I hung up a new painting in our living room.

I marveled at my new clogs and silver heels.

We had mushroom lasagna for dinner.

The rest of the weekend will be spent in much the same manner that our cats are; relaxed...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green, Green, Green

Do you want to know a trick how to make your salads tasty? Grate some Applewood cheese and mix it in with your salad; it will add a wonderfully rich taste.

My light dinner this evening: mixed fruit juice with garlic butter bread along with a cucumber / tomato / lettuce / olive / Applewood salad. 

War Officers and Yellow Cardigans

I used to have a huge crush on anything related to the 50's, rockabilly and pinups. While I wouldn't be quite sure on how to describe my style at the moment, I still love the 50's and that is why I love this shirt. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Burgers and Mushrooms

I have been sticking to my healthy New Year's Resolutions and have been eating healthy, snacking on fruit and ditched the soda. I have exercised about three times per week and have so far lost three kilos. I am so thrilled!

This is what I had for dinner tonight: A mini hamburger with grilled lamb burger and fried mushrooms. There is a bit of cheese on it, and the mushrooms were fried, but it's OK to allow yourself a little bit of leeway in your eating as long as your overall eating habits are healthy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camera + Me = Lots of Pictures

I absolutely love taking photographs, so it comes as no surprise that I have only had my new camera for a few hours, but have already taken loads of pictures. Here are some of the ones which I took with my wonderful, new camera:

Click Click Click Click

You'll never guess what I got today! I can give you a few hints:

I've wanted one for a long, long time. 
It is related to one of my most favourite things to do. 
It's a bit expensive but worth it.

A DSLR!! A camera!! A Nikon D3100!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year - Promises and Resolutions

I have never really been the person to make New Year's Resolutions. I think that any time is the time to make changes in your life. Pushing things off until the end of the year or the new year is just making excuses. This year I have however decided to make my first Resolutions. I figured that I have a set of things I want and need to change, and making New Year's Resolutions might make/keep me motivated to achieve them. 

Here is what I wish to achieve in the New Year:

  • Lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Start eating healthy.
  • Learn more about food, being healthy and exercising. 
  • Start practicing guitar again.
  • Study French.
  • Use my sewing machine.
  • Practice my drawing skills.
  • Learn more about photography.
  • Keep the apartment clean and organized.

  • Organize wardrobe and keep it this way.
  • Start going on regular date nights with Karl and otherwise spend more quality time with him.
  • Do something that challenges/scares me.
  • Stop drinking soda and try to avoid additives as much as possible.
  • Be more social.
  • Be more positive.
  • Sell all my eBay stuff.
  • Start saving money.
  • Stop going to bed with makeup on.

What do you wish to achieve in the New Year?


My boyfriend got me a set of Ceramic hair curlers for Christmas. I have impossibly straight hair and I love the look of curls (you didn't know what you didn't had until you had the total opposite), so I was excited to try them out.

The curlers were very easy to use and they rested easily in my hair as the study metal clips held them in place. 

The curlers were supposed to stay in at least 10 minutes, so I decided to apply makeup while I was waiting, for that va-va-voom end-result. 

The instructions said that coloured or thin hair should use the Medium heat level, but I did not see perfectly sculpted curls when I took all the rollers out. Instead I saw soft curls that fell out after a few minutes. As I said, my hair is impossibly straight, so I don't know if the curls will stay put even if I use a higher heat level next time. I have been thinking about getting a full body wave perm, as I do really like the way I look in curls. I have however been worried about ruining my hair, as a perm is supposedly really bad for your hair.

The quite normal and straight looking end-result, as the curls fell out. I will get them right the next time!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year - Bring on 2011!!

For New Year's Eve I went to Anni's place in City Center, as she was having a house party. I got home very tired from work that evening and wasn't sure if I would go. Once I got to Anni's flat I was very happy I did though, as it wound up being a really great night (doesn't it always?).

The party was supposed to start at 7.00 PM. We arrived around 9.00 PM with our bag of alcohol. Two bottles of wine (designated for my enjoyment), a vodka and cans of beer (designated for Karl's enjoyment). I had a bottle of wine and Karl had some of the beers, but we left half of them in Anni's flat. The bottle of vodka was smuggled in my bag with us into the bar we headed for at the end of the night. 

I have only recently started to like red wine, so I found it funny I was only drinking wine during the night.

I managed to spill some of the wine on my skirt - twice. I know that red wine is supposed to stain like a bitch, so I hope I am able to get it out in the wash.

I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures of us party attendées. There were loads of girls from our desk, me and Karl, as well as Anni's flatmate Dave, and his friend. 

We headed out a little before midnight and I promised all the single girls that I would find guys to give them kisses at midnight. I got one guy to kiss Anna-Karin and we tried to approach an Italian guy that looked like John Travolta, to try and persuade him to give her a kiss as well, but he didn't understand any English, so we didn't bother persuing it. It didn't matter much I guess, as we were all too busy giving each other plentiful of kisses left and right.


We went to Porter House and tried to find half of the gang that had gone missing on the few floors of dancing and drinking. We weren't able to find them, as Anni texted us and said they were in The Porter House, not Porter House. Whoops. 

We got to The Porter House and finally found everybody. I was a bit too wine happy though and was getting really tired. 

I stole a beer menu (don't ask me why) and Karl had a quick drink, but I was just a bit too tipsy and was falling asleep. Hanna takes the same Nightlink bus as we, so we headed out. I sobered up a bit in the night-air and me and Hanna talked and talked in Swedish.

We got home a little before three in the morning.